Our Philosophy

Using the principles developed and established by Nature herself, we guide the land back towards its primacy in an ecosystem devoid of the massive herds that once washed across the landscape — the massive herds whose hooves and mouths created a savanna paradise lasting two million years. The American Mastodon is gone, but beef cattle remain. Direwolves and saber-toothed cats are now extinct, but we have electric fences and man to perform their role. 

Regenerative grazing reestablishes the ancient balancing act where grazers, plants, microbes and fungi form a complete cycle, building carbon rich soil. Without a doubt regenerative grazing is the ONLY scalable solution to regenerating the natural world and feeding civilization.

  • Builds Healthy Soil

  • Cows Raised to Mimic Their Natural Environment

  • Diverse Forage Means More Nutrients per Pound

  • Captures Carbon

Why sisters beef is better